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Congestive Heart Failure

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Congestive heart failure describes the inability of the heart to adequately pump the amount of blood needed, causing fluid to leak from capillary blood vessels. The symptoms of congestive heart failure can include fatigue, shortness of breath, and swelling, and it is one of the leading cause of hospitalizations nationwide.

Reasons for heart failure vary, however, most doctors agree that a precise diagnosis and a coordinated treatment plan that often includes education, lifestyle modifications, addressing potentially reversible factors, appropriate therapies, and properly taking prescribed medications allow patients to effectively manage their condition without repeat visits to the hospital.

The Premier Point Approach

Premier Point understands each patient has different coping skills and reactions when dealing with CHF diagnosis, and utilizes a proprietary Care Navigation Program to optimize patients’ outcomes based upon their unique needs. Our Care Programs include:

  • An initial consultation with the patient and family or caregiver to review the physician’s prescribed plan of treatment and the patient’s goals and potential outcomes
  • A review of the patient’s current diet regimen including salt intake, food preparation, and establishing an appropriate diet plan or referral to a dietician
  • Evaluating the need for additional outside services or coordination with a medical social worker
  • Ongoing reviews of their prescribed medications including proper dosages, creating refill reminders to maintain an adequate supply, and educating the patient on signs and symptoms of potential drug interactions
  • Teaching the patient how to recognize changes in their health and adaptive behaviors to avoid serious illnesses

All of our CHF patients are assessed for enrollment in our TeleHealth Monitoring program. We at Premier Point understand that many CHF patients need daily monitoring to ensure strict adherence to their physician’s prescribed plan of treatment. We also understand that modest biometric changes could seriously compromise patients’ health, or even result in hospital admission.

Our TeleHealth Monitoring system provides 24/7 automatic transmissions of our patients’ key biometric readings, and special alerts to our team of clinicians if metrics fall outside of designated parameters to ensure prompt attention is initiated. The equipment is fully self-contained and does not require home internet or telephone service.

The entire Premier Point team has a profound commitment to delivering personalized service every time for every patient. Our team of clinicians have an average of 10 years of experience delivering expert care for a variety of conditions, and support the new vision of health care in which patients with chronic diseases are living healthier, fulfilling lives.  Contact us to schedule a personal consultation to learn more, or download a patient referral form to initiate care.