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Crohn’s disease is an anti-inflammatory bowel disease with many different symptoms. The problem with this condition is that the signs often mimic other conditions that can be treated with over-the-counter medicine, and patients often delay seeking treatment.  If you’re having issues with your digestive system, you may be suffering from Crohn’s disease and not be aware of it. Here are five common symptoms to look out for.

Abdominal Pain and Cramping

Cramping and abdominal pain are very common signs of Crohn’s Disease. These symptoms are also very easy to attribute to eating bad food or gas and bloating. If you experience abdominal pain and cramping for an extended period, especially more than two weeks, then you should definitely consider seeing a doctor.

Frequent and Recurrent Diarrhea

Recurrent and persistent diarrhea is not normal. If you have these symptoms for more than a week, head to your doctor’s office for an examination. Often, people who suffer from mild to moderate cases of Crohn’s Disease will experience this for months at a time before going in to see a doctor.

Medium or Severe Weight Loss

Many people who suffer from Crohn’s disease experience moderate or severe unintentional weight loss over a relatively short period. This can be due to loss of appetite, or the inability of the colon to absorb nutrients properly. These are all indicators of the disease and lead to moderate to severe weight loss.


Some people who suffer from Crohn’s disease experience a low-grade fever, primarily brought on by the infection or inflammation of the bowels. Fever is also a symptom of a variety of other conditions, so it’s essential to see a doctor when you develop a fever, especially if you’re also experiencing one or more of the other symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


The inflammation in the intestine could cause severe vomiting in patients with Crohn’s disease. This is another tricky sign that’s associated with other conditions. However, anyone experiencing severe vomiting should seek medical attention, regardless as to whether any other symptoms of Crohn’s disease are present.

Most of the signs associated with Crohn’s disease will affect the gastrointestinal area because this is where the disease originates. There are, however, some instances where this disease causes symptoms to occur elsewhere in the body. Crohn’s Disease can cause bouts of inflammation to flare up in the joints, eyes, and skin.

Crohn’s disease is rarely fatal, but it can lead to colon cancer if left untreated. Always consult with a physician before you dismiss any of these symptoms as something minuscule. This disease can cause extreme discomfort, and become a burden to deal with on a daily basis. The earlier it is detected, the faster you can get treatment to prevent any further pain and suffering.

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