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How Do I Choose an Infusion Therapy Center?

Is the facility covered by your insurance carrier?

Don’t risk incurring a large, unexpected medical bill. Check with the infusion facility or your insurance carrier to determine if treatment is covered under your insurance plan and any applicable co-payments.

If your desired facility is not on the provider list, request an estimate of the fees associated with your prescribed treatment prior to beginning therapy.

Premier Point is an approved provider for most major carriers.

We also offer a very competitive fee schedule and flexible payment terms for direct-pay patients.

What is the facility's service level?

There are definite differences between infusion therapy centers and how they administer care. Find a center with the level of expertise that meets your health needs.

  • What is the average nurse tenure
  • Are the nurses up-to-date on the latest infusion therapy techniques
  • Is the facility certified in your specific therapy prescription

Premier Point’s certified nurses have an average of 10 years of direct patient care experience.  Our nurses are trained and certified in all aspects of complex and chronic infusion therapy including Chemotherapy, IVIG, and  IV Antibiotics (download a complete list) and are required to attend quarterly training seminars to ensure their skill levels exceed industry standards.  We also use ViSi mobile for continuous monitoring of patients’ vitals to reduce adverse events through early recognition of deteriorations. The wireless, wrist-worn device allows full freedom of movement, comfort, and direct reporting to the nursing station with a higher level of accuracy than traditional manual monitoring processes.

Does the facility fit within your schedule?

Is the facility close to your home or office? Can it accommodate lunch-time appointments, late evenings, early mornings, weekends, holidays? Is parking available? All of these factors contribute to your ability to adhere to your prescribed treatment program.

Premier Point is located on Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago, minutes away from Northwestern Hospital and University of Chicago Medical Center, and easily accessible via public transportation.

We also offer free pick up service (for the first 3 visits) from your home directly to our front door within a 40 mile radius of the center, and free valet parking at the garage next door.

Appointments are available within 3 business days of contacting us, at a time that fits your schedule including early morning, evenings, and weekends. And, we guarantee your therapy session will begin within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time (requires on time arrival).

What amenities does the facility offer?

Most facilities offer the basics – a warming blanket, pillow, and basic WiFi service in an impersonal community infusion room setting. Premier Point recognizes that a comfortable environment promotes healing, and we want you to feel as relaxed as you do at home during your infusion therapy sessions, so we offer many of the comforts of home:

  • Tastefully decorated private rooms with oversized recliners, comfortable guest chairs, and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U gaming systems with all of your favorite games – or feel free to bring your own games and controller.
  • Large and small well equipped community rooms with a fully stocked complimentary beverage center, snacks, comfortable seating, and optional group activities.
  • Private pediatric infusion room with just-my-size activity table; games; loaner iPad preloaded with kid-friendly apps; and a recliner for napping – Access to an extensive DVD library of movies and popular TV series; – High-speed WiFi, loaner iPads, DVD players and complimentary access to Netflix – Patients with infusion therapy treatments lasting longer than four hours are provided a complimentary gourmet meal prepared by the acclaimed chefs at the W Hotel – A large waiting area with comfortable seating, free WiFi, and complimentary snacks and beverage center for caregivers accompanying patients.

If this is your first time for infusion therapy, your thoughts might steer towards confusion or even fear.

Rest assured that the Premier Point staff will guide you throughout the process, answer all of your questions, and keep you fully informed of any changes in your prescribed treatment and your progress toward your treatment goals. And remember, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with a nurse with immediate access to your specific care plan and clinical history.

Pre-appointment and check in process. Prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive via mail or email detailed instructions for pre-medications that should be taken before your infusion including dosage and the best time to take them. You will also receive hydration instructions, as directed by your healthcare practitioner, most suited for your specific condition. Your assigned infusion therapy ambassador will contact you 24 hours prior to confirm your appointment and answer any questions. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to indicate a preference for a private or community infusion room at that time.

Try to arrive at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the intake forms, and be certain to bring a list or photocopy of the labels of any medications you are currently taking. It is especially important that we also know the prescribed dosages.

Wear loose-fitting clothing to allow the medical staff to easily and properly monitor your vitals, and feel free to bring your favorite snacks and beverages, or take advantage of the complimentary refreshments available at our infusion center.

After completing check-in, your will be provided a tour of the facility and given an opportunity to select your choice of available entertainment materials from our library.

Post-Treatment and Follow up. After your infusion session, you will have a discharge meeting with your nurse to answer any questions, schedule your next therapy session, if required, and review the check-list of signs and symptoms to report to your referring physician should they occur. You will also receive a follow-up call from your infusion therapy ambassador the next day. All information concerning your infusion therapy sessions is automatically transmitted electronically to your referring physician, and is also available 24 hours a day on our secure portal.

Remember, you have choices about who delivers and where you receive your infusion therapy. Premier Point Ambulatory Infusion Center is dedicated to providing you the highest level of care, understanding, and support throughout your journey toward good health.

Premier Point offers free, private car service*

from your home directly to our front door within a 40 mile radius of the center for new patients. This allows you the freedom to schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you without the worry or expense of coordinating transportation with a friend or family member.