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Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation

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Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation

Prosthetic & Orthotics

Whether through trauma, disease, or other circumstances, the loss of a limb or use of a limb is a life-altering event. Patients experience a broad range of emotions including grief, blame, self-doubt, and depression…. Read More

Knee/Hip Replacement

Whethepain, stiffness, swelling and potentially limited blood flow to bones, resulting in additional health complications.Partial or full hip or knee replacement – the most common types of joint replacement  …. Read More


Stroke-related impairments tend to fluctuate, especially during early recovery, however, research studies indicate comprehensive care during the first four weeks after a stroke improves rehabilitation results….. Read More

Pre-and-Post Transplant Care

Home care clinicians are critical members of the transplant team, and can greatly influence the short and long term success of an organ or tissue transplant by averting problems through meticulous observation, assessment, early…. Read More