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Pre-and-Post Transplant Care

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Home care clinicians are critical members of the transplant team, and can greatly influence the short and long term success of an organ or tissue transplant by averting problems through meticulous observation, assessment, early intervention and evaluation.

The Premier Point Approach

Premier Point nurses are well-trained in managing complex transplantation cases. Our team of infusion nurses have an average of ten years of infusion experience, and are certified in the safe delivery of infusion therapy for pre-transplants including:

  • Anti-infectives
  • Inotropic therapy
  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition
  • Immunotherapy
  • Transplant therapy

We also monitor lab results to ensure patients maintain the chemistry balance as defined by their medical team to safely undergo organ or tissue transplant surgery.

The Post-Transplant Services

Patients can also face many challenges when discharged from the hospital after surgery, and often need intensive medical support to avoid infections, rejection, or complications.

Premier point clinicians work with the transplant team to offer continuity of care post discharge to maximize the long-term outcome.

Our team:

  • Monitors the patient’s oral history and behaviors for the typical signs of acute and chronic rejection including:

               * Weight gain
               * Low grade temperature
               * Lethargy/general malaise
               * Palpitations
               * Shortness of breath
               * Soft heart sounds/S3 gallop

  • Monitors the patient’s wound and vital signs for indications of bacterial, viral or fungal infections including:

                * Redness or discoloration around the wound
                * The temperature of the skin around the wound
                * Visible drainage, color, and odor
                * Swelling
                * Help the patient to manage pain, and encourage early mobility to reduce the risk of deep-vein thrombosis or blood clots

    We work with our patients to incorporate a medication management program into their daily routines to ensure they know the name and purpose of each medication, dosage schedule, and main side effects.

    We also provide 24/7 nurse and pharmacist availability with complete access to each patient’s specific medical records to answer questions, and provide guidance on when to contact their primary care physician.