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Medical Social Worker Services

Medical conditions affect far more than the body. Acute, chronic and terminal conditions can result in emotional, financial, and social needs that sometimes overwhelm patients and impact the treatment process.

Our licensed medical social workers help patients and families manage non-medical support needs such as financial and legal assistance with the goal of maximizing stability.  Services can include:

  • Performing a psychosocial assessment to define needs, and working with the patient and family members to set realistic goals and develop a therapeutic plan
  • Identifying and utilizing resources within the community that support the patient’s plan of care including connecting the patient with specialized providers to procure needed services such as custom medical equipment or adaptive tools, home modifications, and transportation services
  • Providing patient counseling or referrals to support psychosocial needs
  • Interpreting attitudes and patterns of behavior that may negatively impact treatment goals and helping the patient to identify alternate options, or performing crisis intervention where necessary
  • Providing support, counseling and guidance to family members and caregivers to ensure the integrity of the plan of care is maintained

Registered Dietician Services 

Our registered dietitians use their nutrition expertise to counsel patients undergoing treatment for a variety of medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal disorders on how to make unique, positive lifestyle changes that support their medical care plans.  Services offered include:

  • Evaluating patient’s food and fluid intake versus their nutritional needs as defined in the care plan and provide recommendations
  • Developing customized dietary programs that support treatment goals including weight management
  • Providing counseling to patient’s family and caregivers to ensure understanding of the critical interaction between diet and treatment goals, and obtaining buy in and support of the dietary program
  • Reviewing prescribed medications and vitamin supplements for potential dietary conflicts and make recommendations for food restrictions or notify the physician for further review
  • Educating the patient on dietary progress to goals based upon relevant lab results.