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Jacquelyn Parker
Order Management Coordinator

Eddie Cabanayan
Therapy Coordinator

Bedeena Dorris
Chart Audit Coordinator

Alva Serrano
HR Coordinator

Pia Cabanayan
Clinical Logistics Coordinator

Camil Estacio, LPN
Insurance Verification Coordinator

Stephanie Griffin
Social Media Coordinator

Nico De La Cruz
Order Management Coordinator

Ryan Realeza, RN, BSN
Nursing Supervisor

Ace Yu, RN, BSN
Agency Supervisor

Tania Coyoc, LPN
Clinical Intake Coordinator

Elva Correa
Intake Coordinator

Maricela Kim
Intake Coordinator/Analyst

Nayeli Garcia
Insurance Verification Coordinator

Sierra Brown
Front Desk Coordinator

Elle Nieto, LPN
Clinical Intake Coordinator

Anaida Lopez, LSW
Patient Advocate & Customer Experience Manager

Our Mission Statement

Premier Point is committed to surpassing all others in the home health environment by providing exceptional care that contributes to the health and well-being of seniors, disabled and medically challenged individuals. Our duty of care is carried out with the utmost respect, love, and compassion for our clients, regardless of disposition, income and status in life.